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Elder Law Q&A: How Can An Elder Law Attorney Help Me?

Elder Law Q&A: How Can An Elder Law Attorney Help Me?

Question: How can an Elder Law Attorney help me?

Answer: Many people often ask why they need an elder law attorney. Some of the reasons are given below.

An elder law attorney focuses on key issues facing seniors, such as housing, finances, health, long term care, and quality of life.

As we grow older, we begin to plan for retirement (a/k/a the golden years) and death. Seeking counsel from an elder law attorney reduces the stress and ensures desired outcomes.

An elder law attorney can:

  • discuss the importance of wills and estate planning documents;
  • create durable powers of attorney for finances and healthcare (advance directives);
  • help with long term care options, patient rights, and Medicare;
  • help with the appointment of legal guardians;
  • help select long term care facilities;
  • help manage the costs associated with nursing home and assisted living facilities;
  • discuss resident’s rights and nursing home claims; and
  • assist with qualifications for Veterans benefits (aid and attendance).

Hiring an elder law attorney will give you and your loved one’s peace of mind that legal advice will come from an expert in the legal needs of the elderly and disabled persons.

Tommy G. Smith is a Board-Certified Elder Law Attorney. As a Board-Certified attorney, he has met The Florida Bar’s highest standards for special knowledge, skills and proficiency in area of elder law. He is dedicated to improving the quality of legal services for seniors and people with special needs.

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