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Wills And Trusts

Should something happen to you before you’ve got a valid will or trust in place, your estate will be considered intestate, meaning the laws in Florida will decide how your assets are distributed. To ensure your final wishes are respected and the people you love receive what you intend to leave them, you need, at minimum, one of two legal documents that name a beneficiary for your assets: a will and a trust.

Wills and trusts function similarly, but a trusts and estates certified lawyer can help you review the advantages of each and put the estate planning documents that work best for your unique situation in place.

Our legal team at Smith Law, PLLC, has the knowledge and experience needed to help you draft and create a comprehensive estate plan or update an existing plan. We know that a reliable estate plan can have a long-lasting impact on your loved ones, so we work hard to bring you maximum legal protection for your assets and final wishes.

Florida Will

A last will and testament should contain instructions for disposing of your assets after your death. If you have minor children, your will should contain your desired guardians for them. Though setting up a will can be much cheaper than setting up a trust, a will can only be enforced through a probate court, and once probated, the contents of a will become part of the public record. While you can create your own will, we recommend consulting with a knowledgeable attorney to make sure your document will actually achieve your desired intent.

Florida Trust

A trust is a fiduciary relationship that gives someone else (the trustee) the right to hold your property or assets for the benefit of a third party (the beneficiary). A written trust agreement document should outline which trust assets will be distributed to the beneficiaries. Trusts lawyers can reduce your exposure to estate taxes and protect your estate from having to go through probate once you’re gone, which could spare your loved ones the time and expense of a stressful court process. Additionally, the contents of a trust remain private, known only to the beneficiaries of the trust.

Living Will

A living will states your preferences for artificial life-sustaining devices should you be in a terminal or end-stage condition. By having a living will in place, you spare your family members the burden of making end-of-life decisions on your behalf.

Many clients have a will, a living will, and one or more trusts as part of their well-organized estate plan. The experienced wills attorneys at Smith Law, PLLC, can evaluate your situation and help you decide which documents work best to meet your personal goals and desires.

Smith Law – Knowledgeable Wills and Trusts Lawyers in Pensacola, Florida

Whether you need guidance in drafting and creating a new estate plan or updating an existing plan after a major life event, the attorneys at Smith Law, PLLC, are ready to assist. We are proud to rank amongst the best trusts lawyers and law firms in Florida. We will help you decide which documents are right for you and get started on planning for your future immediately. We strive to cover every detail no matter where you are in the estate planning process.

Should you need assistance contesting a will in Florida or proving a will is valid in probate court, our dedicated will contest attorney can be at your side. We have decades of experience in probate court and will fight to protect your best interests.

We look forward to meeting you and addressing any concerns you may have about creating a will or a trust. We are here to support you in the best way as you move forward and to offer guidance based on your unique situation and needs.

When you’re ready to lay a strong foundation for your family’s future, give us a call to schedule your free initial consultation.

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