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Most people don’t want to think about themselves advancing in age or a beloved family member becoming incapacitated. The reality is that many people will need some type of long-term care for themselves or for a loved one. When that time comes, those who’ve planned for the future will have greater peace of mind and more financial security than those who ignored the inevitable.

Tommy G. Smith, is a board certified elder law attorney who helps families create customizable plans for a more prepared, more financially secure future. From designating a power of attorney to protecting hard-won assets, Smith Law, PLLC, works with each client to provide quality legal services in an area of the law that can be sensitive.

After getting to know you and your unique goals, we will help you explore opportunities to protect your assets and your estate. Our practice in elder law, estate planning (including wills and trusts, powers of attorney, deeds, veteran’s benefits, and asset protection), and probate help us cover all of the bases for a secure financial future for you and your family. We understand that the legacy you leave behind matters, and we strive to bring you assurance that the things you worked hard to acquire can be left to the people you intended.

Elder Law Attorney – Protect your Loved Ones

Elder law encompasses all legal issues related to the elderly and their families. Whether you’re planning for your own future or helping an aging loved one, it’s important to be proactive and put certain measures in place to lessen the emotional and financial burden of any potential long-term care that may be needed.

One important component of any elder law or estate plan is Medicaid eligibility to help cover a nursing home or other costs associated with long-term care. Prices for assisted living here in Northwest Florida can reach $10,000 per month and have been known to financially ruin families. While it’s best to plan in advance to maximize opportunities to protect assets for loved ones, an experienced elder law attorney can also assist you with crisis Medicaid planning when facing immediate health needs. Read More

Estate Planning Attorney – Create Comprehensive Solutions for Whatever Lies Ahead

Few areas of the law can have as long-lasting and life-altering of an impact as proper estate planning. It is never too early to begin preparing your assets and the legacy that you want to leave behind. With a well-organized plan in place, you can feel confident that your estate and assets will be handled according to your wishes and that your family will be cared for.

A valid and enforceable will can go a long way in helping your loved ones administer your final wishes with ease. It’s important to have an experienced attorney handle your will for you to ensure the court will accept your last wishes. Equally important is establishing durable powers of attorney with the guidance of a Florida power of attorney lawyer, which will allow you to name the people you’d like to make medical and financial decisions for you in the event you become incapacitated. Read More

Probate – Navigate the Process With Ease

If someone you love has died without having a well-organized estate plan in place to avoid probate, you’ll need a probate lawyer to advise the personal representative and other beneficiaries on legal matters pertaining to the estate of the decedent. Probate is a complex court-supervised process that often adds stress and confusion on top of the grief people are already feeling over their loss. Furthermore, if not handled properly, various costly legal issues can arise.

A Florida probate lawyer can help you evaluate the decedent’s assets, manage existing trusts, and administer the estate. Having experienced legal counsel by your side ensures you will be advised on the proper process from beginning to end and can prevent certain family disputes in such an emotionally fraught time. By handling the bulk of the paperwork for you, your attorney can also help expedite the process. Read More

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Smith Law, PLLC – Your Elder Law
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No matter what stage of life you’re currently in, the chances are high that you or someone you love will soon face difficult financial decisions regarding the high costs of long-term care, asset protection, or probate here in Florida. While it’s always best to plan ahead, our legal team at Smith Law can offer you solutions for any eventuality or emergency. Our experienced attorney will evaluate your situation and guide you through your best options so that you can move forward with confidence in your decisions.

Each family is unique, and we pride ourselves on crafting custom solutions to meet every goal, every need, every last wish. We handle each and every legal need with integrity and a fierce commitment to the families we serve. That’s the best legacy we, as a law firm, can leave for our clients here in Northwest Florida. As we see every day, the steps you take for your loved ones and the things you leave behind matter.

Elder Law
Attorney For All Seasons Of Life

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